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From the earliest moments of my childhood, my heart was always drawn to the world of art and design. Back in kindergarten, I cherished every arts and crafts project we tackled – I can still vividly recall many of them to this day. But when I advanced to first grade and encountered subjects like reading, writing, and arithmetic, I couldn't help but feel a pang of disappointment. Kindergarten's world of creativity and fun had truly captured my heart.


I vividly remember the excitement of my first-grade art class, where we were tasked with drawing a person. I eagerly sketched a big round circle, added two round eyes, a round nose, two nostrils, and a beaming smiley face. When I stepped back to admire my creation, I was met with a surprising sight – it was a pig! I couldn't help but burst into tears, convinced I had crafted a masterpiece, albeit a piggy one. Looking back, it always brings a smile to my face.


Then, in the magical world of second grade, two girls approached me with their sketch pad featuring a beautiful hula girl. Her long black hair adorned with a vibrant pink flower left me utterly captivated. From that moment, I was completely hooked. I began drawing girls with fervor, a passion that has stayed with me through the years. I've brought these girls to life on my walls, breathed life into them on fabric, and painted their beauty onto purses and canvas. And to this very day, I continue to pour my heart into drawing and painting them. As my mom often reminds me, even as a young girl, every piece of my schoolwork was adorned with shoes, eyes, hair, and eyelashes, creating a world of creativity and beauty on every page.

Where it began

My journey has always been colored by a deep appreciation for design and a love for vibrant hues. I even hold a diploma in floral design – flowers have a way of bringing beauty to every occasion. Beyond that, my passions extend to wedding and event planning, as well as creating beautiful, organized spaces at home. But above all, my true specialty is sharing the grace and presence of Jesus in everything I do. When His love fills a home or a heart, beauty naturally follows. He truly makes all things beautiful!


In my business, I see my purpose as helping women construct their lives, much like the wisdom found in Proverbs 14:1. It speaks of a "wise woman" who builds her life upon Jesus and His Word, and a "foolish woman" whose words and actions tear down her family and life. In essence, my mission is to help women infuse beauty into every facet of life. It starts with family and then ripples out to bless those around her. When the beauty within her radiates, it transforms everything, including her home and life. If I can assist just one person in achieving this, my life's purpose will be fulfilled.


I'm just beginning this journey, and I know clarity will come with each passing day. I ask for your patience as I navigate the waters of my new business. However, my ultimate goal is to support and bless you. I deeply appreciate your visit to my page, and I hope to offer you valuable tools to enrich and beautify your life. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

Rustic But Elegant

High school was an interesting time for me; while I can't say I was head over heels for all the academic stuff, I had a deep love for art, sports, and the joy of socializing. One particular passion of mine was ceramics, and throughout my high school journey, I eagerly enrolled in two ceramics classes every semester. I'll admit, though, I never dared to tackle the pottery wheel – my perfectionist tendencies always transformed my grand vessels into humble ashtrays. I even tossed those, believe it or not! But hey, life's a mix of successes and, well, the less successful moments, right? Lol!


Now, let me tell you about my eight glorious semesters of high school art. I simply couldn't get enough of the creative process. My art teacher during those years had boundless faith in me, to the point where she entrusted me with her prized Master Manual of Interior Design. That gesture meant the world to me; it was like holding a treasure chest of inspiration and knowledge.

Creative Calling

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